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architectural gallery
  The architectural gallery includes a variety of man-made structures that have caught my attention. Living in a major metroplex area makes architecture a readily available subject. I find when I don't have the time to travel to the classic landscape locations cityscapes are often a rewarding substitute.  
commercial gallery
  The commercial gallery includes a sample variety of images produced at the request of various clients. This type of photography can be very fulfilling and challenging. Commercial photography forces you to think quickly on your feet, making what often can be an uninspiring environment or situation, and capturing it in an interesting way that tells the story the client desires. There is a wonderful dynamic interplay that happens between the photographer, the client and the models, to come up with the right shot.  
nature gallery
  The nature gallery includes mostly images of creatures of all kinds in their natural settings. Nature photography was initially what inspired me to take-up photography in a serious way. Inspired by a couple of my favorite nature photographers, Art Wolfe and Thomas Mangelsen I became almost memorized by their uncanny ability to capture the "triple-play". I define this as capturing the animal with expression, in a beautiful environment, and the light painting the whole scene in amazing beauty.  
portrait gallery

The portrait gallery includes a diverse sample of studio shots, location shots, and candid shots used for a variety of purposes. Interestingly for me portrait photography was my least favorite type of photography when I first started. It wasn't until an amazing thing happened that it quickly became one of my favorites. I was doing a favor for a friend taking headshots of her sons for a potential modeling opportunity when somehow I actually managed to catch the essence of the subject photographically. (Thumbnail image is actually one of those images) From that moment on I understood the joy that portrait photographers find in making art out of people.

scenic gallery

The scenic gallery is a representative selection of images from trips to Alaska, Washington and Texas. Scenic photography is my favorite. I love trying to capture the incredible beauty of God's creation. I enjoy as much the trekking or backpacking required to get to the ideal vantage point at the right time as I do the joy of a successful shot afterwards. There is nothing like it to me as when it all comes together.

Click here to view images from 2007 Greece Land Tour

recent gallery

The recent gallery is just that. These are shots of what I have been photographing recently. Many of them may not be of interest to most but merely show where life and my camera intersect.

Click here to view images from 2008 Yellowstone and Grand Teton Photography Tour

Click here to view images from 2009 Ultimate Utah and Northern Arizona Photography Tour

Click here to view images from 2010 Yellowstone Winter Tour

Click here to view images from 2011 Colorado Rocky Mountain and Snowy Range Wyoming Tour

Click here to view images from 2012 Oregon Coast Tour

Click here to view images from 2012 Glacier National Park Tour