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Fine Art Prints

Should you have an interest in purchasing a fine art print from the VIEW finder photography they may be obtained at the following prices. All images are digitally captured and personally adjusted to exacting standards using the highest quality image editing tools to insure a professional grade print.

Prints are produced on an Epson Stylus Photo R2400 inkjet printer or are professional lab processed depending on size and finish selected. A variety of papers are also available in matte, luster, velvet and glossy finishes. John willl help you decide which printing system and finish is best for the selected print(s).


Image Size (Inches)
Fine Art Print
With Exhibition Quality Mat
6 X 9
$40 – 9 X 12
8 X 12
$50 – 12 X 16
11 X 14
$60 – 16 X 20
12 X 18
$85 – 18 X 24


* prices are in u.s. dollars


      Standard mats include a 4-ply front with a 2-ply acid-free backing yielding a 6-ply composite and are available in Gallery White, Ivory, and Bright White.

Note: Due to artistic and other technical considerations certain images may not conform to all standard sizes. You will be contacted should the size you selected not be available with specified image. Please allow 2 weeks from receipt of payment for delivery.

Please make payable to: John Cunningham c/o the VIEW finder photography